ADX and RSI Trading System

Average directional movement index or ADX can determine major market trends, in foreign exchange market, trend trading is usually a favorite trading strategy, with traders finding to take opportunity of the market trends. Even though this system can be hard to not just looking but you also need determine the right time to get into the market. To assist you with this situation, in this article I will start the trading tips, by discussing Average directional movement index ADX trend trading system.

Looking a good trend direction is the main part of many trend trading. Even when having to choose a trading pair to trade, it could be hard to determine the major trends. For the ADX trend indicator system i will be implementing ADX indicator technical for this part. The first thing you should do is to add a 14 period ADX trading indicator to the 4 hour time frame chart.

Just bare in mind that, ADX technical indicator is not determining the trend direction, just its intensity. When the trading pair's trend is slowing down or when the market is weak, ADX will move lower than a strong market. In this trading system we just look for trade with the indicator is move above 50. When the daily ADX indicator move above 50, then we can start to open a trading position.

After a strong trend if establish, now it is time to get into the market. In this situation we use RSI as secondary technical indicator. In this case you set the RSI 14 days period on 4H time frame chart. In a bearish trend, a short trading position can be opened if the ADX indicator is above 50 and RSI indicator move around oversold. And for a long trading position can be opened if the ADX indicator is above 50 and RSI indicator move around overbought area.

Non Lag Zigzag Mq4

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