Day Trading Breakout

Trading with news event or fundamental trading is not difficult as see. The key is to fundamental trading is to determine support and resistance on market chart, In this following example price has found resistance after 787 bullish trend. An ascending triangle chart pattern can also drawn by connecting the wicks . We can use them to make a triangle chart pattern and determine entries position using OCO orders.
Day Trading Breakout
Once a ascending triangle chart pattern is found , our trading decisions become much easier. We just wait for market price to move breakout , or trade between resistance and support. With fundamental news even possibly producing Forex market volatility, a breakout trading method may be the favored strategy of action for Forex traders. Day trading breakout entries should plan to prepare for the worst of one of support or resistance levels previously drawn on the Forex chart.

We can make a benefit to a Forex trader during a fundamental news with setting open position orders. We can place both long and short orders through an OCO order if we are unsure where the market price is going to breakout.
Day Trading Breakout
OCO order will entry into the Forex market with sell entry on the break of support and buy entry on the break of resistance. Stop loss can be plotted in between OCO entries.

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How to Trade Moving Average Indicator

Forex traders are confused with many decisions when they use indicators in Forex trading. For instance , after they using Moving average indicator to analyze Forex trading market, traders are able to determine market price action they couldn't pinpoint before without Forex indicators on their trading charts. Trading with moving average can give a Forex trader a benefit when setting a trading system. In this article I will show to you about how to read or how to trade with moving average indicator
How to Trade Moving Average Indicator
How to trade Moving Averages
In the chart above shows the commonly traded moving averages 30, 50 Moving average, and 200 moving average. Moving average indicator is technical indicator that calculate the average price of forex pair over a specified period of time. For instance, if you are using 200 Moving average the indicator is adding the closing price of the last 200 candlestick on the chart. Then the result is divided by 200 to pinpoint where the Forex moving average indicator is moved on the chart. Moving average indicator have ability to filter out the market noise. For instance, we can look on the EUR USD chart below that market price is below the 200 moving average. Since market price is moving above this indicator forex traders could prefer chance to open long position and eliminating selling. As market price crosses either under ot above these levels on the market chart it can be determined as either weakness or strength for a certain currency pair.

How to Trade Moving Average Indicator

How to trade Moving Average Crossovers

Forex traders can use more than one Moving average indicator. When using more than one moving average indicator traders can use a crossover trading system. Crossover system of using more than one moving average indicator can be helpful in trending markets and is similar to using MACD Moving Average convergence Divergence oscillator. Forex traders will pick a series of moving averages and read the market trend as bearish when the faster period moving average is trading below the slower period moving average.

You can use Ema Crossover Mq4 indicator for your crossover trading strategy

Moving Average indicator moves sideways in a ranging market also. In these situation moving average indicator will start to reversal together as no new pricing lows or highs. In this situation Forex traders could think other Forex indicator based off of prevailing market situations.

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Ichimoku EA Mq4

Trading with Ichimoku EA mq4 indicator. This post talk about Ichimoku EA mq4 trading a profitable Japanese indicator technical can be applied in Forex trading , stock , and Futures. Ichimoku EA mq4 indicator can be traded with other technical indicators such as MACD Moving Average Convergence Divergence, Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, RSI, volume indicator and etc. Ichimoku definition, Ichimoku mq4 indicator is a accurate Forex trading strategy because this indicator combines support , resistance, trend , and volatility.

Ichimoku Explained
Ichimoku Forexfactory was created by Goichi Hosoda, After 20 years testing, the Ichimoku was released to the world.

Ichimoku Chart
How to trade Ichimoku
There are so many ichimoku EA trading software available in the net, such as fapturbo ichimoku. But if you do not believe in EA or Robot you can use ichimoku indicator with your own trading system. Ichimoku indicator mq4 is consisted of 5 lines which trade perfectly together to show us a analysis of the market price.

A weak tenkan sen/kijun sen cross Buy (Sell) alert occur when a bullish cross happens below (above) the kumo.
A neutral tenkan sen/kijun sen cross Buy/ Sell alert occur when a bullish cross happens within the kumo.
A strong tenkan sen/kijun sen cross Buy (Sell) alert occur when a bullish cross happens above (below) the kumo.

Kumo Break trading system, Forex traders generally to open sell positions when market price break support level and open buy positions when market price breaks resistance level. Why we use support and resistance ? because support resistance is more meaningful for open trading positions.

Ichimoku AFL indicator is the most traded forex technical indicator in the Forex market. There are alternative ichimoku indicator you can use for your trading system such as Bollinger bands indicator, Relative strength index, Moving Average indicator and etc. But in this post I will give you the real alternative Ichimoku indicator , you can download it in this following link

Download Alternative Ichimoku.mq4

Download Ichimoku EA Mq4

Ichimoku cloud mt4 calculation
Now we can learn on the Ichimoku cloud MT4 mathematics calculation formula. As we knew , the Kumo is built by the Senkou Span A and Senkou span B:

Senkou Span A("leading span 1") = (Tenkan Sen + Kijun Sen)/2 time-shifted forward 26 periods (into the future)

Senkou span B("leading span 2") = (Highest High + Lowest Low)/2 for the past 52 periods time-shifted forward 26 periods (into the future)

This will make the Kumo 26 periods ahead of current price, therefore giving us number of support and resistance.

Elliott Wave Trend Indicator

Elliott Wave Trend Indicator
Elliott Wave Trend Indicator applied for determining market trends and trend reversal in Foreign exchange market. Elliott Wave Trend indicator is amazing tool for profits. If you are a Foreign exchange trader and you are not trading with Elliott wave indicator you should try this indicator for your trading system. This indicator is one of the most useful indicators you can trade for bigger profits in your trading system.

Elliot Wave Mql4
Elliot Wave Mql4 can producing Forex trading Signals for the trading direction is very helpful for the traders. The right indicator is one of the important factors in Forex trading. Elliott wave mql4 is a technical indicator is one of the accurate technical indicator in my opinion. If you are looking the good and accurate Forex trend indicator you can try Elliott Wave mql4. You can download Elliott Wave Oscillator.mq4

How To Trade Adx Indicator

There are so many Forex trend indicator in the world, Moving Average indicator , Bollinger bands indicator, ADX indicator and etc. ADX is the most favorite trend trading indicator among Forex traders. The accuracy of the ADX is very high than other trend indicator. ADX is a trend indicator used to assist expert or new trader in trading Forex market. In this article I will talk about how to trade ADX indicator that has been made to help traders to read trend direction in market.
How To Trade Adx IndicatorTrading with ADX indicator is not so difficult. If -DMI line trades below +DMI it means market is in up trend or bullish trend. And if -DMI line trades above +DMI line it means market is in down trend or bearish trend. If ADX line trades below 50 it means market is in weak trend and if ADX line trades above 50 it means market is in strong trend.

How Identify Trend Direction

Maybe you have heard about the statement "The trend is your friend". Forex traders will benefit if they able to determine the market trend on a Forex trading, the trend direction in which the currency pair has been trading. The first step in identify the market trend is to look the Forex daily charts of every pair, and find the biggest market trend in either direction. For identifying or determining market trend direction we can use Moving Average Indicator. Moving Average indicator is a Forex technical indicator designed to help Forex trader in reading market trend.
How Identify Trend Direction
If a currency is in a strong bullish trend , as on the Forex chart above, it can easily be determined on a daily chart. If a forex trader is not sure about the trend direction, Forex trader can choose other Forex pair as we are searching for the strongest trend to trade. On the chart above , the pair is in an bullish trend. When trading an bullish trend, a wise strategy is to wait for a reversal to a support point and then take a buy position.
On the example chart , a Forex trader could take buy position in red point on the chart. This strategy is called buying on dips. The stop loss would be plot under the lowest level.
The different story would be true if trading a bearish trend in the following daily chart.
How Identify Trend Direction
The bearish trend is determined if the currency has been trading lower highs and lower lows. The Forex trader could open short position into the bearish trend by waiting for a reversal to resistance and then open a sell position in the direction of the market trend, The stop loss would be place above the highest level. This trading system is named "selling on rallies"
The key of this trading strategy is that by trading in the direction of the market trend. As Forex traders we have to reduce as much risk as possible from each trade.