Waddah Attar Scalping Indicator

Waddah Attar Scalping Indicator
Waddah attar forex indicator can be used for forex trading scalping. waddah attar can be use as an buy or sell indicator. When waddah attar indicator forex histogram has teo candles that close and the indicator closed at 2 consecutive green bars, it means that the waddah attar indicator is giving us Buy signal candle when 2 is closed and the indicator has attracted 2 consecutive red bars for these candles, then it means that the indicator is giving us a sell signal. As you can see in the screenshot above piece of code can be used as buy and sell indicator. However, I suggest not to use independent and to experiment with it, along with other indicators that you might like. If you come up with something useful, do let me know about it. Once you download indicator, place the indicator in MetaTrader folder and will be good to go. Good luck

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