Forex Reversal Indicator

Determining Trend reversal on Foreign exchange market using Forex reversal indicator

In forex trading , we have to know when the market price is going to reverse or retrace, but how determine trend reversal ? actually when we determine trend reversal using Forex indicator , we can use MACD moving average convergence divergence indicator or RSI relative strength index indicator, because MACD and RSI are trend following Forex indicators. We also can use candlestick patterns to read reversal trend.

Reversal Indicator for Forex Trading , in this article i would share you an indicator that shows us that a reversal is on the chart. This indicator is my popular forex reversal indicator. With this indicator you can effectively trade reversal using this reversal indicator , and you would profit from the retracement or reversal of the forex trading market. the Moving average convergence divergence determines market trends before they start, this indicator gives you the best entry levels. A Forex trader can confirm the reversal using MACD indicator .

Forex Reversal IndicatorForex Reversal Indicator

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