Best Forex Indicator Combination

Best Forex Indicator Combination
The purpose is to choose the best Forex indicator combination for strategy trading. The point is to combine best Forex indicators in a right way. Each indicator should provide different kind of signal about the forex market. If you have two or more indicators deliver the same signals , it would not help much for your trading.

So , how to choose the right Forex indicator combination ? First trader should know about general categories of indicators :
- Volatility forex indicator
- Momentum Forex indicator
- Trend Forex indicator
- Volume Forex indicator

Forex trader should using only one indicator from each category, If you plotted indicators on forex chart and you find the same pattern of indicators, it means you have the wrong indicator combination. This following combination showing same signals : RSI relative strength index and momentum indicator forex are give the same information.

Try to use RSI , MACD and Volume for your combination, each of this indicator give different information , MACD is trend indicator with RSI is momentum forex indicator and volume market indicator

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Forex Indicator mt4 Slow Stochastic

Forex Indicator mt4 Slow Stochastic
Forex Indicator mt4 Slow Stochastic

The stochastic Forex indicator is an oscillator indicator introduced by George Lane , Stochastic indicator can show you sentiment changes. The stochastic indicator MT4 can also tell you trend reversal for Forex currency trading.

How Forex indicator MT4 slow Stochastic generated.
Stochastic indicator mt4 have two lines %d and %k , %d is moving average of %k. %k is built when closing price is in relation to range of previous closing price.
If the Closing price is in the bottom of the range of previous closing prices , then the %k will move lower.
if the closing price is in the top of the range of previous closing prices, then the %k will move higher

Forex Indicator mt4 Slow Stochastic trading signal
The stochastic indicator mt4 generates signals in lower and upper reversal area. The lower area is bellow 30 and the upper area is above 80.

When %k is below 20 , it indicates the market price may be oversold and may be reversing. when $k is above 80, it indicates the market price may be overbought and may be reversing.

Forex indicator Stochastic mt4 exit signal - when k reverses after having crossed above 20 and cross over %D line indicator , you can long your trade
Forex indicator stochastic mt4 entry signal - when k reverses after having crossed below 80 and cross over %d line indicator, you can short the forex pair.

Stochastic indicator mt4 system helps you determine when sentiment toward a forex market changes , and stochstic forex indicator assist you confirm the market strength.

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MACD Forex Indicator System

MACD Forex Indicator System
The MACD forex indicator system is indicator oscillator introduced by Gerald appel , MACD Forex indicator tell you when momentum changes from being up trend to down trend and from being down trend to up trend. The Moving average convergence divergence forex indicator system can also tell you a trend reversal for forex market price.

How MACD forex indicator system is generated ?

The MACD Forex indicator is generated based on a moving average Forex indicator. The basic MACD shows distance between 26 days EMA and 12 days EMA. If the 12 days EMA is under the 26 days EMA , the MACD forex indicator will be negative, If the 12 days EMA is above the 26 days EMA , MACD forex indicator line will be positive. And MACD trigger line is 9 days EMA.

MACD Forex indicator system signal
The MACD forex indicator generates signals as MACD crosses back and forth above and below the trigger line.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Trading Signal
The moving average convergence divergence (MACD) produces trading signals as it crosses back and forth above and below the trigger line.
MACD forex indicator produces entry signal when MACD crosses above the trigger line ( 9 days EMA ), We can open long position after that momentum has changed from bearish to bullish.
MACD forex indicator produces exit signal when MACD crosses below the trigger line ( 9 days EMA ) , we can open short position after that momentum has changed from bullish to bearish.

The MACD Forex indicator system shoes the following strengths:
- MACD Forex indicator can determine when the momentum changes.
- MACD Forex indicator can ensure the strength of market trend.

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How to Use CCI Indicator ?

How to Use CCI Indicator
How to use CCI Indicator ?

Indicator oscillator which can tell you bearish or bullish a forex market is CCI Commodity channel index Forex indicator. CCI indicator Forex can tells the volatility of a forex price , as bollinger bands forex indicator.

How the CCI commodity channel index forex indicator is constructed ?

How the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is formed

CCI forex indicator is based on how volatile the forex price fluatuations have been and the average of last price fluctuation.
If the forex market is bullish , the CCI commodity channel index forex indicator will also be bullish. CCI forex indicator moves bullish depends on the market price volatility. If market price is more volatile, The CCI indicator Forex will move bullish faster. If the market price is less Volatile , The CCI indicator Forex will move bullish slower.

How to Use CCI Indicator ?

CCI forex indicator provides entry and exit trading signals,

CCI Forex indicator entry signals - When CCI indicator Forex moves up above 100 level and go down below the 100, we can make entry short position, and if CCI reverse and begins moving higher after we have a short position, we can put our stop loss level above the resistance level

When the CCI forex indicator moves down below -100 and then do up above -100 , so we can make entry long position , and if CCI reverse and begins moving lower after we have a long position , we can put our stop loss level bellow the support level

CCI commodity channel index indicator
- CCI forex indicator can determine potential reversal levels
- CCI forex indicator shows volatility in the market.
- CCI Forex indicator tells strength of market trends

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Good Forex Indicator Oscillator

Good Forex Indicator Oscillator
Good Forex Indicator Oscillator

Forex Oscillator indicator

Oscillator indicators are forex indicators that move up and down as forex market price up and down. Indicator oscillators help trader establish strength of the trend. The forex market is considered to be oversold when an oscillator forex indicator moves too low. and the forex market is considered to be overbought when an oscillator indicator forex moves too high.

Oversold means too many participants have sold the foreign exchange pair in the market. Overbought means too many participants have bought the foreign exchange pair in the market.

bellow are the list of Good Forex Indicator Oscillator
- Stochastic forex indicator oscillator
- CCI commodity channel index forex indicator oscillator
- RSI Relative Strength Index Forex Indicator oscillator
- MACD Moving average convergence Divergence Forex indicator oscillator

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Free Forex Signal Indicator

Free Forex Signal Indicator
Free Forex Signal Indicator

Bollinger bands trading signals

Bollinger bands forex indicator produce useful signals for forex trading.

Bollinger bands Exit signal when the bollinger bands indicator narrows the forex price of the foreign exchange pair moved from the breakout reversals and begins moving back to the current forex price of the foreign exchange pair, you can put a stop loss if the trend reverses.
Bollinger bands Entry signal when the bollinger bands indicator widen and start moving in other directions after time of consolidation, you can entry the trade in the direction the forex price was moving when the baollinger bands began to widen.

Using of the bollinger bands free forex signal indicator
- Bollinger bands identify forex market volatility
- Bollinger bands assist you to identify trend.

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Forex Free Indicator

Forex Free Indicator
Moving average Forex Free Indicator Trading signal

Moving average Forex Free indicator generate useful signals trading for Forex market that are trending. Entry trading ( entry buy trading ) when bullish market price cross up the moving average indicator , or when bearish market price cross down the moving average forex free indicator ( entry sell trading )

Exit signal Forex Moving average free indicator

When trader entry position on an bullish trending forex market, trader can set a stop loss level right below the moving average forex indicator. As the moving average free indicator rises, trader can set a stop loss level right above the Forex moving average free indicator. If the Forex market ever breaks far below the Forex indicator moving average, the stop loss will take traders out of trade.

When Forex trader entry a position on a trend bearish forex market, trader set a stop loss right above the Forex moving average indicator. As the free indicator moving average falls, put the stop loss down along with indicator moving average. If the forex market ever breaks far above the forex indicator moving average, the stop loss will take trader out of trade.

Moving average is Forex free indicator, you can download other moving average custom indicator too for free in your metatrader trading platform

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Moving Average Indicator for Forex

Moving Average Indicator for ForexMoving Average Indicator for Forex

Moving Average indicator for Forex is a trend indicator

Trend indicator is used too follow and identify the trend of Forex market price. Usually traders get their profits when forex market is trending. It is therefore important for traders to be able to identify when forex market is trending and if traders can trade after trend begins and exit trade after trend ends, traders will be successful. There are some trend indicator example : Moving average and Bollinger bands indicator for Forex.

The most simple trend indicator for forex is moving average indicator. Moving average forex indicator tells us what direction a market forex is trending and identify the support and resistance levels. Moving average indicator for Forex themselves can serve as both resistance and support levels.

But how a moving average indicator is Constructed ?

Moving average indicators for Forex are built by looking the average closing price at a certain period of time and then plotting these value on a forex trading chart.
We can st the moving average volatility by setting the time frame.

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Buy and sell signals in RSI indicator

Buy and sell signals in RSI indicator
Buy and sell signals in RSI indicator

Relative strength index RSI indicator is an momentum fore indicator oscillator. RSI forex indicator calculates magnitude of the price recent gains to the magnitude of its recent losses. RSI forex indicator ranges is from 0 to 100. J Welles wilder recommends using 14 periods setting. Relative strength index RSI forex indicator only needs one price to be calculated. Relative strength index has range of 0 to 100. Wilder suggested using 70 and 30 and oversold and overbought levels. if the RSI relative strength index decline bellow 70 , it is bearish signal, and if the RSI forex indicator moves up above 30 it is indicated bullish uptrend. Some forex traders determine the long term trend and then use small time frame for entry positions. If the long term is bearish trend then overbough readings could mark potential entry positions.

Buy and sell signals can be produced by searching for negative and positive divergence between market price and RSI forex indicator. RSI Forex indicator divergences that generate after an oversold and overbought reading commonly generate more reliable trading signals.

The RSI center line is 500, Determining bellow and above center line RSO Forex indicator can generate the bullish or bearish indicator. A reading bellow 50 means that the sellers are winning the battle and reading above 50 means that average gains are bigger than average losses. Many Forex traders search for a move bellow 50 RSI forex indicator center line to set bearish signals , a move above 50 RSI forex indicator center line to set bullish signal.

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Bollinger bands indicator rules

Bollinger bands indicator rules that you can follow as a good practice
1. Reaching the lower bands is not in and of it self a buy signal , and reaching the upper bollinger bands is not in and of itself a sell or short signal
2. Do not make statistical assumptions regarded on the use of the standard deviation calculation of the bollinger bands
3. Simple moving average is used in standard deviation calculation , Bollinger bands indicator forex is based upon a Simple moving average
4. The standard deviation number needs to be added if the average is lengthened
5. The average deployed should not be the right one for crossovers
6. 20 day periods for moving average indicator forex is default parameters of bollinger bands
7. Price moves up to the upper and moves down to the lower bollinger bands
8. Trend continuation signals indicated with closes outside the bollinger bands indicator forex.
9. Bollinger bands forex indicator can also be used to determine the double tops pattern and double bottoms pattern
10. The bollinger bands indicator can used with momentum indicator and volume indicator forex
11. Confirmation of price action is not recommended in bollinger bands indicator because trend and volatility already been deployed in the bollinger bands indicator construction
12. Supporting indicator can be used from volume indicator, momentum indicator and etc.
13. Bollinger bands indicator forex produce a relative definition of high and low
14. High and low can be used to compare forex price action and indicator action to make buy and sell decisions

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Bollinger bands and RSI combination indicator

Bollinger bands and RSI combination indicatorBollinger bands and RSI combination indicator

John Bollinger developed Bollinger bands forex indicator, bollinger bands forex indicator is used to determine relative price levels and volatility over a certain period of time. Envelopes Bollinger bands are attached with two basic deviations away from simple moving average indicator. Because the volatility was measured by standard deviation. The bollinger bands contract during low quiet market and widen during volatile market. Bollinger bands indicator consists with moving average standard deviation bands. The third center line in the bollinger bands forex indicator is the simple moving average line. For short term trading 10 day moving average setting is recommended by John bollinger, for long term trading 50 day moving average and for intermediate trading 20 days moving average is recommended.

Sell and buy signals alone did not generated by bollinger bands, you should be used with other indicator like MACD or RSI relative strength index indicator forex. When Forex price reaches one of the bollinger bands line, it could indicate one of two signals. it could indicate a trend reversal move or it could indicate a trend continuation. So, the bollinger bands do not determines buy and sell signals.

If bollinger bands forex indicator combined with other indicator like RSi relative strength index forex indicator, this combination become powerful. RSI indicator is used to give oversold and overbought signals. When Relative strength index RSi indicator forex is above 30 and market price touches the lower bollinger bands , we have an trend continuation signal. And when Relative strength index RSI is move below 70 and market price reaches the upper bollinger bands , we have trend continuation signals.

If we have a situation where RSI relative strength index indicator forex is above 70 and market price reaches the upper bands we have trend reversal signal. On the other hand, if RSI indicator forex is below 30 and market price reaches the lower bollinger bands indicator , we have an trend reversal signal.

Do not use two or more different forex indicators but all have the same input data. If you are using bollinger bands and RSI forex indicator , do not use MACD forex indicator too. These indicator use the same inputs. but you can try to using Money flow index indicator or On balance volume indicator forex. These indicator can be applied together as trend confirmation.

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Applying Elliott Wave Theory Profitably

Applying Elliott Wave Theory Profitably
Applying Elliott Wave Theory Profitably

Elliott wave principle describes forex market actions in conditions of recurrent price structures. Market cycle in order to applying Elliott wave theory are contained of two major types of wave : corrective wave and impulsive wave. For corrective wave , it is divided into 3 wave structure , this corrective wave named with wave a, b, and c. while for impulsive wave , it can be divided into 5 wave structure, and this impulsive wave named with wave 1,2,3,4,5.

Waves within Wave

An special characteristic of Elliott wave theory is that the are fractal. With fractal , market structure are made from the same patterns on a smaller or larger scales. therefore, with applying Elliott wave theory , we can count the wave on short term hourly forex time frame as well as long term yearly forex time frame chart.

Rules for applying Elliott wave theory profitably
There are several principles for valid count in Elliott wave trading.
1. Wave 2 should not reach below the wave 1
2. Wave 3 should not be the shortest wave
3. wave 4 should not overlap with wave 1
4. Wave 2 and 4 should unfold in two different wave forms.

Wave pattern in impulse wave
there are three types of elliott pattern in impulse wave

a. Wave 5 failure
Sometimes wave 5 is so weak than it can not pass the wave 3
b. Diagonal triangle at wave 5
Sometimes wave 5 is so weak that the wave 2 and wave 4 evolved into diagonal triangle and overlap with each other.
c. Extended wave
Only ont should unfolded into extended wave among wave 1, wave 3, and wave 5.

Wave pattern in corrective wave
1, flat pattern
2, double three pattern
3, zig zag pattern
4. Horizontal triangle pattern
5. Triple three pattern
6. Irregular pattern

All we have to do to applying Elliott wave theory profitably is to determine which wave form is moving to unfold in order to read the forex market fluctuations. Knowledge and experiences in wave count are important in order to applying Elliott wave theory

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Moving Average Indicator Calculation Formula

Moving Average Indicator Calculation Formula
Moving Average Indicator Calculation Formula

Exponential Moving Average (EMA) forex indicator is calculated by adding the moving average of a certain price of the current closing price to the previous price. So in the exponential moving average indicator forex , the latest price are more value, The EMA exponential moving average calculation formula is

EMA = (CLOSE(i)*P)+(EMA(i-1)*(1-P))

EMA(i-1) — Exponentially Moving Average of the previous period closure;
CLOSE(i) — the current closing price;
P — percentage

Simple Moving Average (SMA) Forex indicator
Simple moving average indicator is calculated by summing up the prices over a certain number of single periods, this values is then divided by the number of such periods.

the simple moving average forex indicator is

N — is the number of calculation periods.

Weighted Moving Average (WMA) Forex indicator

In the calculation of weighted moving average indicator , the newest data is of more calue than more early data. Calculation of weighted moving average indicator is by multiplying each closing prices , by a certain weight ratio coefficient.

Weighted moving average indicator calculation formula
WMA = SUM(Close(i)*i, N)/SUM(i, N)

SUM(i, N) — is the total sum of weight ratio coefficients.

Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA) forex indicator

Smoothed moving average is calculated as the simple moving average SMA calculation.

Smoothed moving average SMMA calculation formula

SUM1 — is the total sum of closing prices for N periods;
PREVSUM — is the smoothed sum of the previous bar;
SMMA1 — is the smoothed moving average of the first bar;
SMMA(i) — is the smoothed moving average of the current bar (except for the first one);
CLOSE(i) — is the current closing price;
N — is the smoothing period.

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The most popular Forex Indicator Trading

The most popular Forex Indicator TradingThe most popular Forex Indicator Trading

Forex trading indicators on metatrader 4 platform can make confuse, trader have to pick the best indicators in order to make the accurate trading analysis. In this article I would like to show you the most popular forex trading indicators to start trading with. The indicators are stochastic and moving average indicator.

These indicators have various indicator settings and you can change their accuracy regarding on the currency pair and time frame. You have to try to use them until you get the best combination.

various settings for stochastic indicator forex are
14, 3, 3 stochastic standard settings
5, 3, 3 stochastic

Various settings for moving average forex indicator are :
20 exponential moving average EMA indicator
50 exponential moving average EMA indicator
200 exponential moving average EMA indicator

Indicators above is the basic indicators and you can begin to building your own trading strategy and developing your trading skill with EMA exponential moving average and stochastic.

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RSI settings for day trading

RSI settings for day trading

Many use the RSI Forex indicator for forex day trading, the default settings for this trend indicator is the period 14th The Indicator RSI shows a level 30 below the oversold level at and above the 70 overbought.

I have my RSI indicator slightly modified in order to achieve the day trading Forex market better results. I've decided for the M30 chart:

My RSI settings for the M30 chart:

Period: 6
Level 1: 15
Level 2: 85

The advanced levels are used to ensure that the indicator signals are clear and should show extreme situations on the market. At each crossing over the line I use from my trades, of course, also plays a role in money management.

What settings do you use RSI indicator settings for day trading and are most successful for you?

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Support resistance techniques of professional traders

Support resistance techniques of professional traders
Support resistance techniques of professional traders

Trading support and resistance, How Professional Traders Find Hidden Support and Resistance Using Market Profile. It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, support resistance

Support (support) and Resistance (Resistance) is one of the most widely used by traders in the forex chart analysis. Strangely, everyone has a different idea of when entering a support or resistance.

It is important to bear in mind that support and Resistance no fixed ratios or values.

The following article talks about support (support) and Resistance (Resistance). Support and resistance is to use one of the most powerful concepts that experienced traders in Forex Trading.

Support/Resistance Techniques of Professional Traders As you can see on the weekly chart of the EURUSD, resistance and support zones are conspicuous, which can be found on any chart. These zones work because she sees every trader with a little experience, and especially as to align investment banks, large companies and even central banks, their trades to those areas. So how do experienced traders around with this resistance and support?

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Using trend lines in Forex charts

Using trend lines in Forex chartsUsing trend lines in Forex charts
Trend Line Forex Trading, Know how to draw a trend line, Advantages of using trend lines in Forex trading.

Trend line is a popular tool in forex trading technical analysis. Every market, whether forex, equities, commodities and bonds is always located in one of the following three phases. In an uptrend, a downtrend or moving sideways.

Trend lines often act as resistance or support as you can clearly see in the attached chart. I draw a trend line from the deepest point of the chart to the next higher significant low point. When the market is then increased further and then it came to a correction that is twice the price jumped back to the trendline, and then turn around and rise again.

Learn how to draw a trend line.
Advantages of using trend lines in Forex charts.
But now how to draw a trend line?

The definition of an uptrend, the market makes higher highs and higher lows (higher highs and higher lows). This can be well described by a trend line as they can be found on the chart. There are no fixed rules about how to accurately draw a trend line. Many traders, however, have agreed that for the trend lines only bar attracts approach in which each of the two bars left and right next to the lowest point higher than the beam, with the trend line is connected.
Look at the chart reveals that this is also given. In an uptrend, are always connected the lows, the highs in a downtrend.
However, there are channels (channels), which include the bar from the top and bottom.

Plotting a trend line on a Forex chart gives very valuable information. It helps to determine good entry and exit points, Trend lines can of course also be used to detect when a trade is over. If they break the trend line (the market closed well below the trend line) was the probability that the trend is over very high. That is exactly occurred and the market is several hundred pips View definition in a new window slid down. This knowledge can use it naturally, by placing his stop loss below the trend line.

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What is Bollinger bands squeeze system ?

What is Bollinger bands squeeze system
What is Bollinger bands squeeze system

When Bollinger bands squeeze squeezing the bands, it usually means that a price breakout may occur. If the candles moves on the upper band , then it will probably become an upward move. And when the candlestick move down sharply on the lower band, it probably become a downward move.

Look at the chart above, then you know the price is squeezing the lines. The price has just started to kick over the top line. Where do you think that the price will move?

That's right, the price will rise. This is the type of Bollinger bands squeeze. This Bollinger bands forex indicator strategy is designed so you can make a move as early as possible to catch the trend. You can not use Bollinger bands squeeze every day, but you should find the right signal or the right conditions, try to use 15 minute chart.

Now you know what Bollinger bands is , and you can also know how to use the Bollinger bands squeeze. There are many Bollinger bands trading system out there, but this Bollinger bands squeeze Fore strategy system is the most common.

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Forex Trend intensity indicator

Forex Trend intensity indicator

Since oscillators usually only in trendless markets, trend followers only work in trending markets, it must first be determined even if a trend exists. This can help with the trend intensity indicators are determined. If you have determined what the situation is the market, you can select the correct indicator species.

Here then is a distinction between sales volatility indicators and indicators

First Revenue indicators
To evaluate a move without the turnover is quite difficult, as can be provoked in already tight markets with few pieces of large price jumps. Hence on the basis of sales or revenues with the help of some indicators have been defined that point to specific features in the latest trends in sales or revenues.

Second Volatility indicators
Volatility measures the variability of the courses. About the direction of the courses they have no evidence, however. About Volatility indicators generally the trend in volatility is measured, and thus they give information on whether the movement of prices tends to rise or fall. Independent results these indicators usually not interesting, but they are just in the evaluation of derivatives (options and warrants), as the volatility plays a major role.

All the above types of indicators have their place, and of course their meaning. When you apply, but what with what attitude indicator, you should decide after a few tests and fictitious purchases and sales - otherwise you may pay dearly.

Tips for traders how he can use this trend intensity indicators:
First Test each indicator in different market phases and in different papers, before you use it at your trade decisions.
Second Experiment with different settings for each indicator - even on the first Look unusual settings can lead to surprisingly good results. In any case, you should record the individual results and keep - maybe yes, the indicator provides in combination with another indicator of good results. The beginner should always only work with the default settings or use a back-testing programs.
Third If you have taken out one or more indicators of investment decisions, print the chart in exactly the attitude that has brought about your decision. Baste the best expression of the order confirmation directly to your bank - you can quickly and easily so later check whether the decision was good or whether it has led to losses.
4th Never work the same with too many indicators! 3 or max. 4 indicators per chart is adequate in each case, in addition, the chart very quickly becomes overwhelming.
5th Put together for long-, medium-and short-term analysis of different layouts, which you then fall back again and again. To also ensure that you ever really use the same indicators and settings.
6th Before you actually implement the indicators generated from your buy and sell signals with "real" money, you should first run a depot with test purchases in order to test the success of your strategy.
7th Try to build from the individual indicators complete strategies.

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Elliott Wave Theory EURUSD 14 Feb 2012

Elliott Wave Theory EURUSD 14 Feb 2012Elliott Wave Theory EURUSD 14 Feb 2012

As a result of today's trading, the European currency in the Asian and European session restored the lost positions on Friday. Price was able to rise to the level of 1.3280, and then back down to 1.32. The wave of the current growth momentum was formed, which gives the right to regard it as the first wave of start connection, in the third wave pulse. Currently, the correction is formed in the second wave, it was 62%. If the assumption is true, the price is not violating the critical level of 1.3155, will continue the upward movement in the third wave. Otherwise, you must go to an alternative scenario with a deeper correction, but not less than another critical level 1.3025. At the moment, it is logical to wait for the formation of a reversal in small FFs and buy euros.

Elliott Wave Theory EURUSD 14 FebElliott Wave Theory EURUSD 14 Feb

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Elliott Wave Theory AUDUSD 13 Feb 2012

Elliott Wave Theory AUDUSD 13 FebElliott Wave Theory AUDUSD 13 Feb

We all know that the present wave in what is the price at the moment, it is much easier when there is a great story quotes a currency pair. I always try to find a good and long history, to understand precisely the nature of the currency and see its behavior in the past.

We find quotes for 100 years. The history of 1900. At this time, an Australian trading at $ 08.04 per shtutku. He is currently traded at around $ 01.01. Looking at the global schedule is not difficult to note that the trend is for couples - top-down and with all this, still the pulse. In 2001, historical minimum price set at $ 0.48. Funny figures were formed, 4.8 and 0.48. Over 100 years of Australian lost 1000%. I assumed that at the level of 0.48, we ended the third wave pulse. But this is only an assumption, because for a given period of history is too small. Local growth, which began in 2001 and is more - less significant correction throughout the visible trend. One can not rule out the option with the start of a global correction, but it can be assumed only after the formation of five waves up from the 0.48 level. At the same time, we have the formation of the third wave is a wave, and presumably with a zigzag, as within the third wave is the intersection of the fourth wave of the first, it is not permissible for a third wave of momentum. The approximate level of the end of a wave with a zigzag, and with it perhaps the entire 4th wave is projected in the area of ​​the level of 1.24 - 1.25. So, already formed and the critical level of 0.9370, which confirms the completion of the breakdown wave formation with the whole zigzag. In the short term, Australian can expect continued growth and the formation of the fifth wave, vvolne C. By the time it should take about a month 3-4.

Elliott Wave Theory AUDUSD 13 Feb 2012
Elliott Wave Theory AUDUSD 13 Feb 2012

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