Ichimoku trading system

Ichimoku trading system + PivotPoint + BB

Ichimoku trading Introduction

In this topic, I would like to describe the principles of creating the trading system, as it is the creation of the trading system - is the main work of trader.

In most cases - is the theme of course Ichimoku trading for beginners, but I think that it will be useful not only for them.

The purpose of this theme: give no ready solution, and learn how to develop a trading system to understand what it is built and possibly on the basis of the below, or create their own completely different.

Almost all Ichimoku trading articles with tips create a trading system ichimoku has a theoretical value, in this same theme would focus on practice. So here we go:

Tools Used in Ichimoku system:

We will use the following tools and concepts:

1. Ichimoku system indicator. It will serve to identify ichimoku trends in the periods: H4. Take the default settings. Read about and discuss the nuances of the work can be on our forum in the subject line "indicator Ichimoku". It is included in the standard package of indicators terminal MetaTrader4.

2. Script ARTech Pivot. We will use him for TF: M15-M30 from. Download and learn how to install. and discuss its possible in the subject: "ARTech Pivot (Pivot Points)"

3. Indicator "Bollinger". We shall also use the standard settings on the timeframes of ARTech Pivot. Learn about his work can be in "Bollinger".

At Ichimoku trading end tools, but for the system, we will also need the issues associated with the following themes. I bring these issues with the links on these links to find additional information on our forum:

4. Ichimoku trading system Method three screens Elder

5. Hours of the forex market. Ichimoku system Sessions

Signals Ichimoku trading

Now closer to practice. I try to describe not only the ichimoku signals, but also to explain why they just are. The first thing we pay attention to:

1. Ichimoku trading indicator identifies the trend and strong support / resistance levels.

The Ichimoku trading indicator is used to H4 timeframe. His support / resistance levels, we believe the most powerful, we do not go against the Ichimoku trading trend of this indicator ichimoku . If it shows on the down trend, we can only sell, even if other indicators suggest us to buy.

Here is a picture. Pair: GBP / USD, TF: H4

1, 3, 5: Just buy it.
2, 4, 6: Only sell.

+: Using the simple ichimoku lines of the terminal marks the boundary Ichimoku cloud as a strong support / resistance levels. If other indicators give a Ichimoku buy signal at the level of support do not make a deal, and vice versa!

2. ARTech Pivot and Bollinger bands give the main signal.

I will give examples for the land with a down trend. On the up trend is reversed. I think that's understandable.

1. Sell ​​the pair for the upper or middle Bollinger band and the border below the midpoint of rotation (in the picture is the orange line).
2. The objectives of the movement to define other points of rotation.
3. Set foot on the intersection of bottom-up mid-point of rotation.
4. entry the market only at the beginning of the session. Do not go into the market at the end of the previous trading session!

We need to give players a fix and do not get to the reverse motion before the end of the trading session.

Again, look at the picture below:

3 plot, just buy:

First login: purchase, the couple has not reached the goal, but still close to Thrall.
Second entry: do not enter. as is the completion of the session
Third entry: came down to a stop loss order
Fourth entry: Would take profit
Fifth entry: controversial profit may be closed by stop loss.

4 and 5 plot. We only sell and buy only Ichimoku respectively.

Ichimoku first entry: Profit
Ichimoku second entry: Profit
Ichimoku third entry: not executed, the end of the Asian session
Ichimoku fourth oval: do not buy, since below the midpoint

Ichimoku trading Conclusion

That way, the three tools we are creating the trading system. I say, that under this system, I do not trade, and this whole issue wound up for beginners and for those who decided to modify their vehicle. Perhaps the system will be used as a basis and you supplement it with other tools (such as RSI or Stochastic)

Let me remind you that you should not forget the stop loss and take profits, but also about money management in forex.

In this Ichimoku topic, propose to discuss how this system as a whole, and vozmzhnye options to improve it. Maybe some advice in creating the system I've missed?

Addition to the Ichimoku trading .
Today might as well watch is not a bad entry.
Corridor 6, we sell from the top of the Bollinger bands, well executed goal at the first point of rotation resistance.

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