Trading determine the supply / demand forex

Trading determine the supply / demand forex

I have following questions:

1st How to determine supply / demand curves? it is simple trendlines?

2nd What is screening? is a fantasy projection? how to apply correctly?

3rd I see blue lines, these lines show
see also attached photos

Can anyone confirm or decline my understanding?

1st Find the moment you can plot trendline
2nd You find the highest high / lowest low between these two points
3rd You place horisontal and vertical lines of this highest high / lowest low, then you will be taken into account when the vertical line intersects the demand / supply line.
4th This intersection is the entry point
5th Waiting when the candle opens above / below the demand / supply line
6th You place a profit target in accordance with fantasy projection

The highest high / lowest low point is between 2 and latest bar, and it has to be consolidation.

Entry point is open the first candle of the trendline. You calculate the TP and SL open this too.

You place a profit objective which provides a profit target is, and can be obtained from the intercept difference between the highest high / lowest low and vertical line with demand / supply lines.

Laguerre RSI indicator settings

Laguerre RSI indicator settings

Gamma: 0.85

Count Bars: 9500

Standard parameters: Fixed minimum maximum -0.05 1.05

Standard levels: 0.85, 0.45 and 0.15

Laguerre filter line setting Gamma: 0.85

How to trade with Laguerre RSI indicator

Laguerre Buy when RSI crosses up over 0.15.

Sell ​​when Laguerre RSI crosses below 0.85.

While the indicator is working flat above 0.85 level, it means that the uptrend is strong.

While the indicator works perfectly .15 level, it means that the downtrend is strong.

Forex MT4 indicator Laguerre RSI

How to use the Laguerre filter line

An additional indicator of the Forex â € "Laguerre filter line â €" is prepared directly in the charts and looks like a moving average. Laguerre Filter Line filters Laguerre RSI signals.

Laguerre RSI When told to go long (buy), Forex traders could enter
only if the price is above the Laguerre filter line. The opposite is true for Sale
signals: when Laguerre RSI signals to Short, the price must be below
Laguerre filter line for the signal to be valid.

Forex MT4 indicator Laguerre RSI

Laguerre filter line filter all false signals, though.

Forex trades can choose to play with Laguerre RSI settings in order
to make the Laguerre indicator more or less sensitive. Settings related to
Gamma parameters. General settings:

Gamma 0.85

Gamma 0.7

Gamma 0.55

When using Laguerre filter line with Laguerre RSI in Forex, make sure they both have the same gamma settings.

The MACD combo of indicators for the best of both worlds

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- Michael McDonald - Predict Market Swings With Technical Analysis
- Paul Levine - The Midas Method of Technical Analysis
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- Probability and Statistics Textbook
- Robert J. Elliott and P Ekkehard Kopp - Mathematics of Financial Markets (Springer Finance)
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